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First Days of School

This post was supposed to have begun thus: The first day of school is officially over.

Then, the first day of school was over and I hadn't gotten around to blogging or journaling anything. The same thing happened every day after that. Before I knew it, the first day and week of school were over and I hadn't captured their essence as I had intended. These are important days when the character of the class is beginning to gel and I am getting to know my students. Today is the 7th day of school and I spent it at home with my son who is sick. So, it's today that I can carve out a few minutes to write in my journal - my first entry for this year - and then to expand on my thoughts in this blog.

As I pause to reflect on the first few days of school I am once again reminded how important it is to take some time to think about my teaching. It is this process that gets me energized to go back into the classroom and try again. It is what helps me stay the course when I feel…