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Teacher Journaling

In my search for the perfect blog post I realize that I have neglected my professional journal writing. You may be wondering, "isn't blogging the new journaling"? Perhaps, but for me my professional journal is private, for my eyes alone, unless I want to share it with others. Blogging is as candid a public expression of my professional self as I can muster. Nevertheless, it is still edited for public purview. So, I am going to get back to my daily journaling in the marble notebook that I found this morning hidden in a pile of "to read" books and professional magazines. Maybe, I'll even blog about it here.

Screen Free Week - April 18th - 24th

Well, Screen Free Week is over - - and it was a moderate success at our house. I have to say that although we weren't screen free for the entire six days we tried really hard to stay off the screen for most of the week. Having a 3-day weekend didn't help matters, though!

From Monday - Thursday we all did pretty well. My husband slipped a little here and there (Facebook) but for the most part neither one of us used our computers or checked our email on our cell phones unless it was related to work. Having intentional time without the use of my BlackBerry, that I love, was a good, needed break. And, it became apparent to me how much time we spend on mobile devices even if they're connected to work. Instead, we played a couple of board games after dinners and spent time reading. Once the weekend came though it was harder to keep my son from pining for the computer or the DS or the Wii, to name a few screens we have in our house, since that is when …