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Math Workshop - one event

This year, I have been experimenting with math workshop modeled along the lines of reading and writing workshop. In reading and writing workshop we always start out as a group so that I can teach a lesson, do a read aloud, or give a writing assignment for the children to do in the children's writer's notebooks. Then, the children have anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes for independent writing or reading where I walk around and conference with as many children as I can get to that day - another chance for me to do some one-to-one teaching. Afterwards, or at another time, the children will share what they've been working on. Sometimes the intent of the sharing will be to highlight the focus of the mini lesson. We typically have one hour each for reading and writing workshop at least three times a week, in both Spanish and English. This year we started out with a 30 minute slot, once a week, for math workshop. This has since increased to 45 minutes, once a week, as my confi…