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A babe in the woods

This has been a really difficult week.
No time to stop and reflect about teaching and learning.
I'm either running to meetings or running to go home.
And, in between all of that, I try to clean up the mess I make on my desk every day.

My work area is starting to look better.
I cleared up the clutter yesterday.
But, how long is it going to be before it gets messy again?
How can I make sure I'm more organized?

I will make the time to think through my lesson plans.
Read fewer professional books and articles: consume less and create more.
I will use short hand to write my lessons - bullet points and quick jots.
Brief, but to the point.

I'm doing better at suspending judgment so that I can listen to my students. Really listen. I want to probe more, however. Ask more questions. Work to really understand what they're saying. Not be quick to jump to conclusions.

You'd think this business of teaching would come more easily after 30 years in education.
Yet, sometimes I still…