Wednesday, 29 July 2009

250 Words

Recently I was invited to blog on Schoolwide Blog. So far, I've posted three blogs on parent involvement in their children's learning. I've enjoyed the process of writing and the responses I've received to my entries. I am limited to approximately 250 words and, needless to say, this has been a challenge. It's not easy saying something of worth in 250 words. I've learned that it's important to be concise and to the point. It's not necessary to say everything there is to say in the world about a topic. In fact, it's better to say just enough to get others thinking. This will help me as I design mini lessons for reading and writing. I tend to want to say and teach too much rather than just enough. Like with this post.

Oh, one last thing. :) Dick Allington will be the newest blogger on Schoolwide Blog. So, tune in if you can.

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