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And More Student Slices

I am enjoying my student's slices so much that I have not written any of my own. I can really relate to Ruth's post the other day about being overwhelmed. Nothing else to say. Enjoy!

Last night I was eating dessert. I put my plate onto the counter and I was walking through the hallway to go upstairs. My mom and Abby and Annie said, "CAROLINE! Put away your cup." And, I said, "I'm not married to the cup." And, I started walking away and they called again, "CAROLINE! Put away your cup." I said, "I'm not married to the cup. But, OK. I will put it away." - Caroline

In two weeks I am going to Brandon. Last night I called my auntie Chrystal about going to Brandon. She lives in Brandon and she has a little girl. Her name is Emma. She is my cousin. She is 2 1/2. I was five years old when she was born. - Ethan

I have a brother who is very annoying. When I read to him, I'm done with him. He always starts talking in the middle of a sentence. - Gabriel

I love Lego because you can be creative. (Note to self: it is fun.) I like TV because it is a fun thing. - Sean

Today Rene is coming to my house. We are doing an experiment at my house. - Alexandra

Today I got ready, went downstairs, got my food, then I looked at the clock and saw the time. I was so surprised. I went up told my mom. My mom was surprised. - Aarushi

This morning I was playing my DS/Pokemon White Versionland. I beat a hard part where I had to beat Leader Chiliand. I beat him so now the game is gonna be easier until the next gym leader. The gym was in Stration City, that's the first city. On the game I have two best friends named Cheren and Bianca. I didn't make them up. It just gave them to me as best friends. I battled lots of Pokemon and I caught seven or eight. I have a DS I. It has a camera. That's the difference. - Karson

Yes. It finally came. Today at 10:10 I will be 8 years old. I opened up my presents early so that I could play with them after school. Bye, Ruth.
P.S. On July 26th it is my sister's birthday.
- Ruth

Yesterday night I went to piano and I did good. There was a song that went like this: re si la so fa mi so re re do la re si so re si la so fa mi so re re do la fa so. It's hard to play that on the piano. And, then I got home and I took a bath and mom said it's time to cut your hair and I said, "Ahhh." And, Caleb, my brother, said, "Ooooo." And, mom said to me, "Wash your hair before I cut your hair." Mommy cut Caleb's hair first so I had time to wash my hair. Mom said, "Hair conditioner first, Rachel." And, I said, "OK." Dad was in the bath and Megan my little sister was in the bath, too. Caleb came upstairs and said, "Rachel, it's your turn." So, I went downstairs and mom cut my hair. My hair was very short. It was up to my shoulders. - Rachel

A Slice of Life
--It's fun.
--It's a hobby.
--There's cool stuff to write.

Why do we do it?
--It expands your vocabulary.
--You double up your arm and hand muscles.

A story:
On 3/1/11 mommy took all four of my spin jitzus. But, I got them back at 3/2/11 pm. I have a spin that is so fast that it stays in one place. The real spin goes up to your opponent.
- Isaac
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