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More Student Slices

Here are my students' slices for today.

I got two books. They are Bionicle books. They are a series. The first book is called: Adventures (1) Where the Adventures Begin...Mystery of Metru Nui. The second book is called: Bionicle Adventures (2) Where the Adventures Begin...Trial by Fire. - Isaac

When I was four I went to Mexico. It was fun. We went swimming at the pool. There was a pretend river attached right to it. And there was a bar of the swimming pool. - Dylan

On the weekend I played one of my X-Box games and I got 36,000 dollars. And, if I got 4,000,000 dollars you can buy a sky scraper. And, if I got 60,000 dollars I can buy a house and a store inside. - Boris

Dear Slice of Life,
Once in my life I have finished a chapter book in less than half a day. The book was called Ook and Gluk. It was a pretty funny book. I liked it when the author put up some signs and made funny jokes. And, I also liked the part where the two Kung-Fu people took out the two robots in Goppernopper's hallway, and the minnie dinosaur threw up in Goppernopper's mouth. And, also when Ook and Gluk were making fun of the gorilla.
- Isaiah

Yesterday was my last day of power skating. It was a game. I scored a goal. I probably scored because I got a haircut. It is short. It is fine. When I first got it I didn't really like it but now I do. My dad cut my hair. I didn't want a haircut but he bought me a toy so I said, "Sure." - Ethan

Today in gym we are learning hockey. Yesterday we did puck handling. It was sort of easy because I know how to play hockey. Today we did passing with a partner. Last year's sport I think was basketball. I play that on Fridays sometimes. At basketball we play three on three just together for a warm up. The sport after basketball was exercising. - Rachel

Today in gym we played floor hockey. We had to get partners and I got to go with Ethan. We practiced passing the puck. Me and Ethan are really good at hockey so we passed harder than other people. Yesterday we practiced stick handling. It is harder to use sticks without curves. It's harder to use sticks without curves because when you shoot it might not line it up correctly and then you will miss. - Karson

A few days ago, my Nanny bought a doughnut. And since my bus driver really likes doughnuts I split the doughnut in half. He even said he likes doughnuts. - Reese

My sister was very tired. I was tired, too. My mom was tired too because my dad woke up at 6:00 and my mom needed to wake up, too. And, when my dad left my mom did not go back to sleep. First my mom had to make food. - Aarushi

My brother is nice. He gives me hugs and kisses and hugs. And, he is funny like the day in the morning he woke me up and started to dance in his diaper. That day I had school and he sang Justin Bieber. He sang, "Baby, baby, oh," when we say to sing. - Rene

Today I have martial arts. I hope we are going to play "Wrestle the Pig"; it is my favorite game. You get a number and when the instructor calls your number you go and try to get the pig in your side. It is really fun!!!! By Ruth.
P.S. Just if you're wondering, my sister goes to martial arts, as well.
- Ruth

Today my Flat Stanley came into class. The teacher read the letter to the class. It was very funny. My favorite part was when my cousin Tristan tried to eat him. It looked like a lot of fun.
P.S. Barbie misses Flat Stanley but Molly won't. (There's a drawing of Molly, the fish.)
- Paige

On Saturday my parents and me went to Walmart. We bought a new tank for my pet fish named, Goldey. His old tank is small. After that we went home then me and my dad cleaned the tank and the seaweed, and the statue sitting on the fake turtle. Then, me and my dad put everything in the new tank. And, then we put Goldey in his new tank. - Alexandra

On Saturday Paige came over to my house. We had fun but the two worst parts were when Dustin punched us and the other one was me crying at the end. I don't want to say why because it is sad for people and for me. After the play date I walked to Mac's with Abby and Annie and Dustin. It was fun.
P.S. Abby, Annie, and Dustin are my sisters and brother.
- Caroline

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