Sunday, 9 March 2014


My little word for 2014 is brave.

So, every day I try to do something brave. 

I put myself out on a limb but I am firm. 

I assert my professional knowledge and expertise.

There have been some memorable moments 
when I didn't give up 
even though insanity prevailed. 
In the end, my arguments were valid.
I was right to fight for my students.   

Sometimes, I've been less than courageous. 

I've hesitated to take action that would have benefited students. 

Because I have made myself vulnerable when maybe I shouldn't have,
I've been burned.
It's at these times when fear can take over. 
But, I am learning that fear is the enemy of courage.

So, I renounce fear.
And, I recommit to being courageous, 
a little bit every day.


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